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This website uses the Foswiki software to serve most of the pages. Foswiki uses a session cookie which is used to identify your browser when you login so you do not have to authenticate all the time.

If you have not registered as a user on the site, the session cookie is not used for anything. Unfortunately the session cookies cannot be turned off in Foswiki. The session cookie is automatically deleted when you close the browser program. You can turn cookies off in your browser if you want to read the pages on this site. But there is no need to because the session is not used for anything and deleted when you close the browser.

If you choose to register as a user, some additional cookies are used to store your edit windows size and a special cookie is used to prevent cross site scripting attacks when you edit and save. You cannot contribute to the pages on the wiki with cookies turned off. When you register as a user you give your permission to use these cookies. To delete these cookies, looks for cookies with the word FOSWIKI in them. There are only a few.

This site does not use cookies for any kind of tracking. And there are no 3rd party cookies.

No data is exchanged between this website and any 3rd party.

As this is a none commercial website I hope you all APPRECIATE that I have refused to implement annoying popup windows that noone reads and that pisses off all of us.

To hell with EU. To hell even more with the local authorities that have over-interpreted the intent of the law making the internet a more annoying place to be. I am personally so fed up with all the cookie popups and I hope the browsers will soon have features to remove and hide these stupid useless cookie popups. They do more harm than good. People will not read the text and they will click happily on virus warnings and much more severe messages because it is just a part of being on the web - closing annoying messages.

Stupid - stupid - stupid

Kenneth Lavrsen
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