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Form Definition Support Questions Name:* *Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: TopicTitle text 70 The title is shown in the tables Suppor...
Open2300 Support Guidelines Open2300 support is provided by users and developers in their spare time nobody is paid to do this. So it's important that you prov...
Open2300 Snapshot Releases None yet Main.KennethLavrsen 02 Jul 2005
GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991 Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 675 Mass Ave, Camb...
Patch Released in Motion Snapshot Patch is complete and will be included in the next version of Motion. It is available for final testing in a Motion Snapshot Rel...
Form Definition Patch Topics Name:* *Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: PatchStatus select 1 PlannedPatch, PatchInProgress, PatchTesting, Rel...
Release Notes for Motion Releases in Sourceforge As a supplement to the release notes on Sourceforge I have decided to create an additional Motion Wiki Release No...
Patch Title Introduction Description of Patch Installation of Patch Change History of Patch Discussion and Comments
Feature Request Status * New Submitted but noone has decided on it. * Discussion Feature is being discussed. Participate by editing the topic. You can s...
Form Definition Feature Requests Name:* *Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: TopicTitle text 70 The title is shown in the tables Feature...
%NOP{ * Note: Do not edit this topic. Go to FeatureRequests * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = Main.TWikiAdminGroup }% Feature Request: Description Follow up ...
(Replace this text by a short headline for your project) Introduction Please introduce your project. What does it do? Detailed Description Give more details as...
Bug Status There are few status fields in the Motion bug reports to keep things simple. * New: New bugs, bugs not yet resolved are in this state * Assigned:...
Form Definition Bug Reports Name:* *Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: TopicTitle text 70 The title is shown in the tables BugStatus ...
Submitted By Name of the person that submits the original topic (submit question, bug report etc). If you have a TWiki name use this in the format Main.KennethLav...
Assigned Bug To Name of person the bug resolution is assigned to. Use TWiki Name. e.g. Main.KennethLavrsen If the bug resolution is being done by a specific perso...
Support questions have this status: * AskedQuestions: See the new questions that have not yet been answered * AssignedQuestions: Under investigation by the ...
Answered Questions Headline Age Last Change
Closed Unanswered Questions Headline Age Last Change
Assigned Questions Headline Age Last Change * Assigned To *
Questions Asked but Not Yet Answered: Headline Age Last Change
Topic Title Give the topic a title which is reasy to recognize in a table of topics. Main.KennethLavrsen 21 Oct 2004
Submitter of project You can be the author or you can simply submit a reference to a project that you think is relevant with Motion. If you are registered on the ...
Released version This is optional. If the topic points to an external page and you do not plan to keep this topic up to date, just leave this blank. Main.Kennet...
Status of Project * Planning no files yet You can use topic to ask for help * Alpha Early version Maybe only with limited features * Beta Versi...
One line project summary Describe project with one line (max 100 characters). Used for list of projects Main.KennethLavrsen 04 Oct 2004
Form Definition Related Projects Name:* *Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: ProjectSummary text 100 One line summary of project Projec...
NotScheduled The patch is not (or not yet) scheduled to be included in a motion version. Main.KennethLavrsen 26 Sep 2004
Patch Dependencies If this patch depends on other patches to be installed first please list them here. Main.KennethLavrsen 26 Sep 2004
Patch Handled By Name of person that merges the patch into the main code. Most often Main.KennethLavrsen but could be assigned to someone else. Main.KennethLavr...
Patch Submitted By Name (Use the format Main.WikiName) of the person that submitted the patch Main.KennethLavrsen 26 Sep 2004
Patch Version (optional) You can assign a version to the patch if you plan to make many releases of it. This is optional since TWiki keeps its version numbering a...
Patch Cancelled Patch is cancelled. There can be many reasons. * no time to do it * does not work * alternative patch is better * another good reason ...
Patch Included in Motion The patch is now part of the official Motion. This also means that the patch file is no longer recommended. Instead you should upgrade yo...
Released but Not Included Patch has been released but it is not included in any Motion version and there is no plan for it. The reason for this can be. * Patch...
Patch under Testing Patch is released and being tested. You are encouraged to report your test results in the patch topic. Main.KennethLavrsen 26 Sep 2004
Patch In Progress Patch is being coded but no files released yet. Topic is open for discussion of the feature Main.KennethLavrsen 26 Sep 2004
Planned Patch Patch is planned but no files are released yet. The topic may have been started to discuss the feature. Main.KennethLavrsen 26 Sep 2004
Who is in charge to find more information on the Question, for AssignedQuestions. His duty is to then change the Question status to either: * AnsweredQuestions...
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See also the faster WebTopicList
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See also the verbose WebIndex.
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