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Device Classes

Binary Sensors

Ref: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/binary_sensor

Class Description On Off
None Generic on/off. This is the default and doesn't need to be set.
battery on means low, off means normal
battery_charging on means charging, off means not charging
cold on means cold, off means normal
connectivity on means connected, off means disconnected
door on means open, off means closed
garage_door on means open, off means closed
gas on means gas detected, off means no gas (clear)
heat on means hot, off means normal
light on means light detected, off means no light
lock on means open (unlocked), off means closed (locked)
moisture on means moisture detected (wet), off means no moisture (dry)
motion on means motion detected, off means no motion (clear)
moving on means moving, off means not moving (stopped)
occupancy on means occupied, off means not occupied (clear)
opening on means open, off means closed
plug on means device is plugged in, off means device is unplugged
power on means power detected, off means no power
presence on means home, off means away
problem on means problem detected, off means no problem (OK)
safety on means unsafe, off means safe
smoke on means smoke detected, off means no smoke (clear)
sound on means sound detected, off means no sound (clear)
vibration on means vibration detected, off means no vibration (clear)
window on means open, off means closed


Ref: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/sensor

Class Description Icon
None Generic sensor. This is the default and doesn't need to be set.
battery Percentage of battery that is left.
humidity Percentage of humidity in the air.
illuminance The current light level in lx or lm.
signal_strength Signal strength in dB or dBm.
temperature Temperature in °C or °F.
power Power in W or kW.
pressure Pressure in hPa or mbar.
timestamp Datetime object or timestamp string.
current Current in A.
energy Energy in Wh or kWh.
power_factor Power Factor in %.
voltage Voltage in V.


Ref: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/cover/

Class Description Icon
None Generic cover. This is the default and doesn't need to be set.
awning Control of an awning, such as an exterior retractable window, door, or patio cover.
blind Control of blinds, which are linked slats that expand or collapse to cover an opening or may be tilted to partially covering an opening, such as window blinds.
curtain Control of curtains or drapes, which is often fabric hung above a window or door that can be drawn open.
damper Control of a mechanical damper that reduces airflow, sound, or light.
door Control of a door or gate that provides access to an area.
garage Control of a garage door that provides access to a garage.
gate Control of a gate. Gates are found outside of a structure and are typically part of a fence.
shade Control of shades, which are a continuous plane of material or connected cells that expanded or collapsed over an opening, such as window shades.
shutter Control of shutters, which are linked slats that swing out/in to covering an opening or may be tilted to partially cover an opening, such as indoor or exterior window shutters.
window Control of a physical window that opens and closes or may tilt.

Media Players

Ref: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/media_player/

Class Description Icon
tv Device is a television type device.
speaker Device is speaker or stereo type device.
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