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This web contains - Open Source Project in a Web - the main Foswiki Applications that are used in the projects Motion and Open2300. This web is a complete Foswiki application for an open source project

The applications are Copyright 2005-2009 Kenneth Lavrsen and are published under the GNU Public License version 2 or later.

Download tgz/zip for "Open Source Project in a Web"

The project is packaged as OpenSourceProjectInAWebContrib and published at

Visit from where you can download the tgz or zip file.

Foswiki Application: Open Source Project

The Foswiki Applications assumes that these topics exists in the web. The topic are included but contains no data naturally.

The next sections lists all the topics that make up each Foswiki Application. You may not want all of them or you may not want to link to other topics. To help you tailor your application those topics that are not used as part of the application but only being linked to in help texts are clearly marked as "(link from ...)" so you can remove or change those links.

Topics Used By Bug Reports

Topics Used By Support Requests

Topics Used By Program Patches

Topics Used By Feature Requests

Topics Common To All Applications

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