Open2300 - Bug Report 2008x 09x 03x 220037

BUG: A small bug in mysql2300.sql (svn version).

You need to change line:

UNIQUE KEY `timestamp` (`timestamp`)


UNIQUE KEY `datetime` (`datetime`)

or by

UNIQUE KEY `timestamp` (`datetime`)

in mysql2300.sql file

Column: timestamp do not exist any more and need to be replaced by datetime

> Diff made with kdesvn:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Index: mysql2300.sql
> ===================================================================
> --- mysql2300.sql (révision 12)
> +++ mysql2300.sql (copie de travail)
> @@ -19,5 +19,5 @@
> `rel_pressure` decimal(5,1) NOT NULL default '0.0',
> `tendency` varchar(7) NOT NULL default '',
> `forecast` varchar(6) NOT NULL default '',
> - UNIQUE KEY `timestamp` (`timestamp`)
> + UNIQUE KEY `datetime` (`datetime`)
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Smilar to bug : Bug Report 2007x 06x 03x 114621 which is classified as closed.

Test case

Drop weather table in mysql database: drop tables weather; run mysql2300.sql under mysql and check that weather table is created.


Open2300 version: svn
Shared libraries: mysql
Server OS: Mandriva 2008

-- KiwiHC16 - 03 Sep 2008

Follow up

Fix record

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TopicTitle A small bug in mysql2300.sql (svn version).
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