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Usage question (rainfall related)


Usage question for anyone who might know.

I have a WS-2316 purchased from Costco. Works pretty well, but I notice that it does something rather dumb. It stores rainfall as "Last 24h". Well... seemingly, using Wunderground, the wu2300 sends this last 24h data to wunderground first thing in the day. But Wunderground doesn't let that number be lower than the initial upload.


Monday: 2" of rain Tuesday: 0" of rain

Wunderground seemingly reports officially that there was 2" both days, because the last 24h counter at 12am Tuesday in fact did say 2". I've never run the PC software that came with the station, so I'm not sure if this is something it does as well, or if it's somehow "fixed" by wiping that counter every night.

So, is the solution to run minmax2300 at midnight to reset that counter? Is there a better/more efficient way?



Open2300 version: 1.11
Libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Mac OS 10.5.1 Server

-- RyanStasel - 20 Nov 2007


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