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CWOP access with verification code


In CWOP, the servers for registered Radio Amateur users need a verification code to accept data.

In win2300.c : I had to modify the "pass" value in function int citizen_weather_send(struct config_type *config, char *aprsline)

The original is : /sprintf(buffer,"user %s pass -1 vers open2300 %s\n", config->citizen_weather_id, VERSION);

I must replace the"pass" value of -1 by a registered value of 5 digits XXXXX as below :

/ /****** Modif PG 10/08/2008 to include PASS computed by Russ Chadwick ****/ sprintf(buffer,"user %s pass XXXXX vers open2300 %s\n", config->citizen_weather_id, VERSION); /************************************************************************/-

After recompiling (make clean;make) the "pass" value is still -1 in the binaries bin2300 cw2300 dump2300 fetch2300 rw2300 , etc ..

Why the modification of win2300.c is not taken into account when recompiling ?

Thanks for helping


Open2300 version: 1.11
Libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS: kernel 2.4.22-12 (LinkSys Unslung NSLU2)

-- PaulGogan - 13 Aug 2008


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