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wu2300 rain format - should be "since midnight"


Although the LaCrosse weahter stations send rain data in a "last 24 hours" format, the Weather Underground website assumes that the rain information is a measure of rainfall "since midnight". Would it be possible to translate the LaCrosse output to a "since midnight" format before sending it out to Weather Underground? I realize this would probably require that some type of temp file be used to store the "midnight to now" delta values, but this shouldn't be too difficult to implement and would make the resulting output on Weather Underground more meaningful.

The worst case today is when there has been significant rainfall from say, 6 PM to 11 PM the prior day, but none since midnight. My station shows that siginificant rainfall until 6 PM the following evening, while surrounding stations show a rainfall of zero.



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-- AlanHagge - 22 Mar 2011


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