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Build problem on Windows XP SP3


I am just getting started with this. I downloaded open2300 V1.11, and installed mingw (C compiler). I did make -f windows-makefile and got this: ld: cannot find -lgcc ld: cannot find -lgcc make: * [open2300] Error 1

I tried installing the mingw SDK but no difference. Can anyone help? Is this a linker error? Do I need to set a path? a Dir lgcc.* /S didn't reveal any file on my PC like that.

Update: I found something on the MinGW site which worked. I needed the environment variable LIBRARY_PATH set to D:/mingw/lib/gcc/mingw32/4.6.2

But is there a recommendation for the prefix directory in makefile-windows?

Open2300 compiles and links now, but Symantec Endpoint Protection immediately quarantined the EXEs! I am assuming that they are being over-zealous?


Open2300 version: 1.11
Libraries: don't know - I am a beginner with this.
Server OS: XP SP3
-- ArnoldGoat - 18 Aug 2012


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