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BUG: Unclear explanantion in configuration file for stream_quality

Unclear explanantion in configuration file for 'stream_quality' in motion.conf. It currently states:

===== # Quality of the jpeg images produced (default: 50) stream_quality 50 =====

1) Is this in percentage or is it an absolute value?

2) What is the impact of the this parameter? Smaller pictures, why is that important (network traffic maybe)?

BTW: higher in the config file there is the parameter quality:

# The quality (in percent) to be used by the jpeg compression (default: 75) quality 75 =====

This is clearly described is being in percentages.


Motion version:
ffmpeg version:  
Shared libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: openSUSE-11.2

-- RichardB - 31 Jan 2010

Follow up

You are right is poorly described , it should clarify that is percentage like it's explained in the guide :

I will commit changes to svn trunk.


-- AngelCarpintero - 05 Feb 2010

Fix record

It's fixed in svn trunk and 3.2.12

-- AngelCarpintero - 21 Mar 2010

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TopicTitle Unclear explanantion in configuration file for stream_quality
BugStatus Resolved
AssignedBugTo AngelCarpintero
SubmittedBy RichardB
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