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BUG: error: ‘VIDEO_PALETTE_YUV420P’ undeclared

Welcome to the setup procedure for Motion, the motion detection daemon! If you get
error messages during this procedure, please report them to the mailing list. The
Motion Guide contains all information you should need to get Motion up and running.
Run "make updateguide" to download the latest version of the Motion Guide.

Version: 3.2.12
Platform: Linux (if this is incorrect, please read README.FreeBSD)

Generating dependencies, please wait...

Compiling Motion object files...
gcc -g -O2 -D_REENTRANT -DHAVE_FFMPEG -I/usr/local/include -DFFMPEG_NEW_INCLUDES -DHAVE_FFMPEG_NEW -DMOTION_V4L2 -DTYPE_32BIT="int" -DHAVE_BSWAP   -march=i686 -Wall -DVERSION=\"3.2.12\" -Dsysconfdir=\"/usr/local/etc\"    -c -o motion.o motion.c
In file included from motion.h:13:0,
                 from motion.c:10:
config.h:17:30: warning: extra tokens at end of #undef directive [enabled by default]
motion.c: In function ‘motion_init’:
motion.c:585:26: error: ‘VIDEO_PALETTE_YUV420P’ undeclared (first use in this function)
         cnt->imgs.type = VIDEO_PALETTE_YUV420P;
motion.c:585:26: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
make: *** [motion.o] Błąd 1


Motion version: 3.2.12
ffmpeg version: 0.8.10
Shared libraries: ffmpeg,
Server OS: Ubuntu 12 3.11.0-15
-- DrootnarDrootnar - 20 Feb 2014

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TopicTitle error: ‘VIDEO_PALETTE_YUV420P’ undeclared
BugStatus New
SubmittedBy Main.Drootnar
Topic revision: r1 - 20 Feb 2014, DrootnarDrootnar
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