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Happy browsing of cam events, your personal utube

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requires ffmpeg, mencoder, flvtool2

create table motion; insert mysql tables ( motion_mysql_tables.sql ) = IS NOT DEFAULT SQL CONFIGURATION.

find from ( index.php, motion_update_vid_size, motion.conf ) user pass comibinations and fix them.

mv motion_update_vid_size to /usr/local/bin/

mv motion.conf /usr/local/etc/

find also "" from files and fix.

If something else goes wrong please inform me. may need some fixes with paths in few files like /cam2/.

There is plenty things to develoooop and fix, GO FOR IT!.

Comments and Bug Reports

motion.conf # flv - gives you a flash video with extension .flv

should remove need of motion_update_vid_size script if someone would like to fix.. but i rather keep avi file too for better resolution

-- AriJyva - 21 Sep 2009

Hi there and thank you for your work. May i ask you to write a better description, or write me a email, cause a can't find yours I wanna make you project better and i wanna speak to you about it.

-- AlexLamix - 11 Dec 2009

msn: (replace number three with 7)

-- AriJyva - 15 Dec 2009

I had gencam running with one cam just fine but when I made threads1 & 2 for a extra cam on_movie_end gets called but never fininshes.. the script works fine from the shell. Ive tired setting it only in motion.conf and in threads.. always hangs with more than one cam setup.. from the log i can see the right external command is being executed, and motion/ffmpeg generate the correct avi. I was un sure what was or where to get it..


-- CraigRow - 25 Jan 2010

The link to the attached file is broken. cry

-- JavierMarcon - 23 Jan 2015

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