Motion - I Have Been Blacklisted

Banlist and Blacklist

Some people have tried to create a local mirror of this Motion Wiki using tools like HTTrack. You cannot do that. Wiki pages are full of links to older versions, compare versions, raw text versions, printable versions, attachments, page renaming, and an endless list of links to sort tables etc. Trying to mirror a wiki is both silly and near impossible. It should be quite obvious just by surfing a few pages of this wiki. Worst of all it loads Kenneth Lavrsen's ADSL line for hours leaving no bandwidth for other users. It has been seen that users have tried to restart HTTrack again and again for hours. The Motion Wiki is protected by a BlackListPlugin which monitors abusive behavour and using a tool like HTTrack makes you banned in minutes.

The ban lasts a period of time only so if you get blacklisted, come back tomorrow, and do not use these tools anymore.
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