Motion - Rotate Bswap Fix

Rotate Bswap32 Fix


This patch updates the rotate module (rotate.c) slighly. The most important fix is that the __bswap_32 macro has been remained to avoid collision with the one included from bits/byteswap.h from the netcam module (which gets into motion.h and thus rotate.c).

Other stuff included in the patch:

  • Resolves a bug where initialization would be incomplete if the rotate degrees was invalid (e.g., 181).
  • Uses motion_log for error logging.
  • Code comments update and better code standard adherence.

No change in functionality, but please test it anyway. smile

Those of you who experienced compile warnings about the __bswap_32 macro - are they gone?

Installation of Patch

  • Already included in motion-3.2.2_snap10

Change History of Patch

  • Version 1 (3-Aug-2005)
    • fixes the __bswap_32 compile warning
    • fixes an initialization bug
    • uses motion_log for error logging
  • Version 2 (4-Aug-2005)
    • re-packaged to depend on the full motion_log patch (version 1.3)

Discussion and Comments

NOTE: I've removed the patch file temporarily, as I will make the patch depend on Angel's full motion_log patch. So I need to re-package it and upload a new version, which will happen sometime tomorrow (i.e., 4th of August).


-- PerJonsson - 03 Aug 2005

Second version of the patch uploaded now. Note that the patch depends on ErrorLoggingEnhancementPatch version 1.3.

-- PerJonsson - 04 Aug 2005

Version 2 of ths patch integrated into Motion 3.2.2_snap10

-- KennethLavrsen - 05 Aug 2005
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