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Translate movement into direction


Hello.. I am trying to recognize movement using Motion. Is there a way to get a translation of the movement into left and right?

Imagine having the camera pointing on a stationary object and then a person moves in front of it.. I want to know the direction (left or right) that person moved. Is there a way to do it using motion? Thank you very much..

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Motion version:
ffmpeg version:  
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Fedora 11 kernel 2.6.
-- FrixosTheodoulou - 21 Nov 2011


Take a look to :

You can get information about center of motion detection object in X asis with ( %K )

Using triggered event like :


-- AngelCarpintero - 22 Nov 2011


Thank you very much.. That seems to be what I am looking for but for some reason I don't seem to get it to work. What I am doing is in the motion.conf file I have a line on_motion_detected /home/user/run which is a file with rwx modes and for now it just echoes "hey".

My first question is why cant I get /home/user/run (#!/bin/bash) script to run and secondly how am I going to pass the %K value for further processing?

In motion.conf :

on_motion_detected /home/peacefulwarrior/dev/motion/git/motion/ %K
echo $1 >> file.txt


-- AngelCarpintero - 30 Nov 2011
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