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Motion-trunk does not save all images


After installing motion-trunk I noticed that images were no longer being saved as before. That is, previously if I set post_capure to 25 and the gap to something reasonable like 1-3 for example, I would have expected to have at least 25 seconds of output saved after motion was detected. (Actually post_capture should by itself make it have at least 25 seconds of captured frames, tuning the gap should have only triggered more or less events AFAIK).

Apparently however in motion-trunk only pictures where there was motion are saved (or only pictures meeting another undefined criteria I'm not aware of). I have output_pictures = on . Sometimes it will save only one picture, other times there may be multiple pictures saved. Is this a bug? Can I get back the old behavior where I got at least 25 seconds of saved images when setting post_capture to 25?

Update: the same happens with the latest daily snapshot (from mid 2012). I can't seem to understand why do I only get one image saved when output_pictures = on and post_capture is 25 seconds. I have a framerate of 2 and a minimum_frame_time of 1 so I would expect at least 25 pictures to be saved...




Motion version: motion-trunk as of Nov 5 2013
ffmpeg version: n/a
Libraries: n/a
Server OS: ArchLinux
-- AndrewK - 05 Nov 2013


A year or two late but in case anyone else is also struggling

I've discovered that the post_capture value is ignored unless ffmpeg_output_movies is set on.

Not ideal as I don't really want the movie file but at least it works!
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