Application - List Topics And Change Form Fields With Button

Listing topics and provide a button to change form values in shown topics

%SEARCH{"Status='TODO'" type="query" header="|*Item*|*Description*|*Set Status*|" format="| [[$topic]]  | $formfield(Desc)  | <form method=POST action=$quot$percntSCRIPTURL{save}$percnt/$web/$topic$quot><select name=Status class=foswikiSelect size=1><option class=foswikiOption>TODO</option><option class=foswikiOption>WAITING_FOR</option><option class=foswikiOption selected=selected>DONE</option></select><input  type=submit value=Set class=foswikiButton /></form>|" nonoise="on"}%
Topic revision: r1 - 27 Apr 2009, KennethLavrsen
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