1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this template is to provide a TWiki template for QMS documents.

A procedure document must be named ProcedureArea###. Example ProcedureHardware100?.

The comment document must be named ProcedureArea###Comments. Example ProcedureHardware100Comments?.

1.2 Scope

Valid for Engineering Department

1.3 Acronyms and Definitions

1.4 References

2 Hints For Users Of This Template

Just delete this section. It is here to help you using the template

  • Remember a blank line between paragraphs. You can use
    for forced line break if you have to but it is easier later to overview and edit by using a blank line.
  • Avoid HTML whenever possible. The idea of using TWiki is to make editing fast and this means using the TWiki Short Hand language as much as possible.
  • Graphics must be attached to the topic (click link at the bottom when in normal view mode) and then referred to using the special
    http://www.lavrsen.dk/foswiki/pub/Application/QMS/ProcedureSysarch001/filename.gif notation. Always use GIF or PNG for graphics except for photos where JPG is best. Never attach a bmp file!
  • Use the TWiki Java graphics editor for simple graphics (like a process map with few steps).

3 Replace With New Headline

ProcessDocTWikiForm edit

RevisionNumber A
TopicTitle? System Architecture Redtape
DocumentStatus Released
OwnershipTeam ProcessCCBGroup?
ProcessCCB ProcessCCBGroup?
TopicClassification Procedure
Topic revision: 08 Apr 2008, KennethLavrsen
Application/QMS - Procedure Sysarch 001
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