Motion - Bug Status

Bug Status

There are few status fields in the Motion bug reports to keep things simple.

  • New: New bugs, bugs not yet resolved are in this state
  • Assigned: Bug resolution has been assigned to a specific developer.
  • Resolved: Bugs that are resolved but not yet implemented in a released version
  • Released: Bug is resolved and fix is implemented in a released version of Motion.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate of already reported bug
  • Monitored: Bugs that cannot be reproduced or may turn out not to be bugs later.
  • Rejected: Rejected. The most controversal state and should always be justified to respect the users. Bugs can be rejected because:
    • Behavour is as designed and not regarded as a bug.
    • Feature request - not a bug.
    • The bug cannot be reproduced by anyone and has been in monitor state for a long time.
    • Bug is related to using old version of Motion or old version of shared libraries or non-compatible hardware and we will not implement the compatibility

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