Motion - Config Option Setup Mode


  • Type: Boolean
  • Range / Valid values: on, off
  • Default: off
  • Option Topic

Run Motion in setup mode.

If you start Motion in setup mode, two things happen:

  1. Motion starts in non-daemon mode and starts making a massive output to the console that helps tuning Motion and troubleshoot your settings.
  2. The webcam output changes to a special mode where changed pixels are shown in gray tones, the largest labeled area is shown blue and the smartmask is shown red. Additionally some important numbers related to Motion detection are shown in the picture. These numbers are identified as "D:" for the diff-counter, "L:" for the total number of labels and "N:" for the noise-level.

If Motion is started in daemon mode and one or all threads are set to setup_mode, Motion continues as a daemon with no console output, but the webcam goes in setup mode.


It would be good to mention this special mode of output on the webcam on http://localhost:8081 I have just spend half an hour trying to figure out why I didn't get any output.

smile Bram

-- BramDumolin - 13 Apr 2007

We cannot put it on the webcam port. It is a clean mjpeg stream. Unless you want us to put it in the picture. There is already lots of setup text in the picture and if we add more the purpose of the setup of seeing pixels in blue and red will be lost.

-- KennethLavrsen - 06 Sep 2007

Then perhaps you could consider adding this to the sample "motion.conf" file that ships with motion? Everyone reads that file and not everyone reads this page on the website. I, too, just wasted half a day trying to figure this one out. The more problems I had, the less inclined I was to turn "setup_mode" off.

-- KinneyBaughman - 03 Jan 2011

ConfigOptionForm edit

Option setup_mode
Type Boolean
Range on, off
Default off
Description Run Motion in setup mode.
Group Runtime Options
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