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Motion is published under the GNU Public License version 2 or later.

Current version is 3.2.12

  • RPM for Fedora on x86/x86-64 - Available on RPM Fusion, build without DB support.
    Motion and all its dependencies (ffmpeg...) are available on the RPM Fusion repository. Configure the repository and Install motion with yum install motion.

  • RPM for Mandriva Linux on x86/x86-64 - Available on Easy Urpmi. Configure the repository and Install motion with urpmi motion.

Release Notes about the new releases can be found at the Release Notes page.

Formally released sources and binary packages are all hosted at the Motion Sourceforge Files Page

If you want to create mpeg movies you will need ffmpeg, located at The ffmpeg team often changes the API without warning or concern and they hardly ever release anything. They want people to download whatever is there from their ffmpeg SVN server. For this reason a known good ffmpeg CVS snapshot has been uploaded to the Motion Sourceforge file area.

The xmlrpc-c file on the Motion Sourceforge is no longer needed for Motion 3.2. It is only needed for the now discontinued 3.1 versions.

See the Motion Guide for preparations before you install Motion.

Snapshot Releases

Snapshot releases are development snaps that Kenneth Lavrsen regularly places on his webserver during development of the next release.
WARNING: These releases may be seriously broken, use with care!
On the other hand a snapshot release may contain a bug fix that could be important for you.

  • Motion Snapshot Releases - ALERT! After Motion was put on SVN and the Daily Snapshot feature was added the old type snapshot releases are not only used rarely as beta releases before the real release.

Daily Snapshot

Each night at 3:10 UTC a snapshot of the current sources is stored. These are used for developers to be able to get Kenneth's latest source tree without having to wait for a snap release. You can also look directly into the source tree.

Beware this code can often be broken.

Subversion (SVN)

  • Motion Subversion - The trunk is the unstable branch and 3.2 is the current stable release branch

Github(Git) - unofficial forks

Legacy Archive (old versions)

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Motion is hosted at Sourceforge.
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