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Logitech 3000 and 4000

Both work very well. Driver: pwc/pwcx.

-- KennethLavrsen - 15 Sep 2004

The new pwc-only driver works well with my 4000 at 640x480. A great improvement over the Labtec listed below. Note that the 5000 is not yet supported by the pwc driver.

-- MarkTranchant - 20 Apr 2006

There seems to be no actual driver available for kernel >2.6.28. :-/ -- NikolaiBerlin - 05 May 2009

Logitech Sphere

Pan and tilt is supported by Motion. You need a faily new pwc/pwcx driver to use pan/tilt. See also this FAQ entry: FrequentlyAskedQuestions#I_get_errors_with_Logitech_Spher . See also LogitechSphereControl.

-- KennethLavrsen - 15 Sep 2004

Logitech Quickcam Zoom (New Model)

Works quite well with the pwc driver. When loading the module, use the parameter: power_save=1 in order for the camera to work. Picture quality and light sensitivity are much better than my previous Creative Webcam Pro.

-- AndrewHamilton - 08 Feb 2005

Logitech Communicate

It works perfect using the driver from (modified qc-usb)

-- Wouter de Vries - 20 Oct 2005

Logitech Quickcam Web

QC-USB Driver (

Works very well at 320x240 with Cambozola applet and MjpegProxyGrab !

-- JeromeV - 23 May 2006

Logitech QuickCam Chat

Another Fry's special ($22.99 with $20 rebate on 12/26/06). I had a bit of a hassle getting /dev/video0 to appear - apparently the camera needed the gspca driver, not the spca5xx driver (lsusb gives ID 046d:092e Logitech, Inc.). Although the box states "Video capture: 640x480 pixels (SW enhanced)" and also "Quality CIF (352x288) CMOS webcam", setting the resolution to 640x480 in motion.conf crashes motion, and 352x288 gives no image - 320x240 works. Here is my mascot:


-- ChrisJenks - 19 Jan 2007

Logitech OrbitMP ( 2006 model, 046d:08cc )

This webcam is a new "evolution" of logitech sphere/orbit that works with pwc. It supports MPJEG and YUYV palettes using uvcvision driver ( svn -r79 ).

Tested with motion svn r164.

-- AngelCarpintero - 27 Jan 2007

Logitech Quickcam Fusion

Works wonderfully. Some caveats during running: only appears to work with SVN release of uvcvideo, in non-daemon (-n) mode. Also a little spotty with the driver.

My workflow for running the device looks something like:
# rmmod uvcvideo
# modprobe uvcvideo
# chmod 664 /usr/v4l/video0
# exit
$ screen -dmS motion motion -n

Which reinitializes uvcvideo, changes the permissions such that a regular user can read the device, then starts motion in a screen session as a normal user. wink

-- TomR - 23 Oct 2007

Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro (Old model)

.. work very well with motion. No specific motion configuration.

-- EricBEAUFILS - 09 Nov 2006

Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

Works. Tested with motion 3.2.12, Ubuntu 11.10.

-- LjN - 20 Feb 2012

Logitech Quickcam Ultra

.. had to use mjpg-streamer to make it into a netcam. Uses lots more cpu this way.

-- Jon Zeeff - 29 Sep 2009

Logitech 1080p C910

.. works well out of the box, no custom config required. Using Ubuntu 9.10, motion 3.2.11. Only issue is that I cannot get 1600x1200 resolution to work yet, I simply get a black image. 1280x720 works perfectly - very nice image from this camera with Zeiss optics.

-- TuhaTom - Jan 28 2011

Logitech C310

Works on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Wheezy and motion 3.2.12. (didn't test it on a real machine)

I had to rebuild libjpeg8 to get MJPEG to work without echoing the "Corrupt JPEG data: X extraneous bytes before marker" error.

See ( on how to fix it.

-- Benoit - 06 October 2012

Logitech C270 (720p)

Works out of the box without any custom configuration. Using Debian Wheezy (testing) with motion 3.2.12.

-- Szewski - 09 May 2011

Does not work with Motion on Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit. It outputs this error: Corrupt JPEG data: 1 extraneous bytes before marker 0xd3 [1] mjpegtoyuv420p: Corrupt image ... continue.

-- GeoffreyVanWyk - 2 November 2012

Works out of the box with Motion on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit.

-- GeoffreyVanWyk - 3 November 2012

Logitech C210

Works well @ 640x480 in Ubuntu 12.04, Compaq Evo D510 (P-IV-1500/768MB) with kmotion

-- EvgenyAnanyev - 31 Oct 2012

Works on Raspberry Pi, Model B (512MB Ram) under Raspbian Jessie @ 640x480 and motion 3.2.12. MaxRate currently set to 100 and is jittery but some fine tuning will hopefully smooth that out. Pi is on wired LAN.

- 15 Nov 2015

Logitech C920

Works on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Wheezy and motion 3.2.12.

Works @ 2304 x 1536, albeit at ~ 1 fps. Works at a range of resolutions listed under

v4l2-ctl --list-formats-ext

-- AlStewart - 26 Aug 2013

Logitech C905

Works well @640x480, @800x480, @768x576 (auto converting to 800x600, but direct 800x600 doesn't work), @1280x720 (only Ubuntu).

Works on Raspbian Wheezy with motion 3.2.12 on a Raspberry PI model B at 1-3 fps.

Works on old Dual-core laptop Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS with motion 3.2.12 at 10fps

-- HarryVanDerWolf - 09 Jun 2014
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