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Motion compiled as a Library

  • It would be nice to have makefiles and sources that can compile both a motion library and a motion executable (maybe the executable could just call a library loop function).
  • We need to have a function to call each time an image is captured
    • The problem is that motion.c in motion_loop contains: while (cnt->finish || cnt->makemovie) { . This does not fit our needs(cannot be GStreamer chain): you need to return control after each frame is processed. We can write a new motion_chain function that the motion executable calls in a while statement. This is exactly the part that should be in a GStreamer chain function... Everything before while should either be in the init functions or in the main program that sets up the gstreamer chain.
  • The library is not intended to become a motion substitute: it should just expose some of motion internals using a well defined API.
  • motion app itself could then be written to use the API provided by the motion library

-- VincenzoDiMassa - 06 Jun 2005
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