Motion - Prepare Install

Preparation For Install

Note: If you're using SuSE 9.2, you might want to ADDITIONALLY have a look at Compiling on SuSE 9.2. As mentioned on that page as well, you will still need to read the instructions here as well.

Before you start you may need to install a number of shared libraries that Motion uses. If they are missing the feature will simply normally not be included. Most of these libraries can be found on the CDs of your distribution. A few will have to be downloaded from the Internet. Note that when you install software using pre-compiled binaries (Redhat type RPMs, Debian debs etc) you normally only get what is needed to run the programs themselves. In order to compile other programs from source that uses these pre-compiled libraries you also need to installed the development packages. These are normally called the same name as the package suffixed by -devel or -dev. These development packages contains the header files (xxx.h) that Motion needs to build with the shared libraries. If you build a library from sources you already have these header files. It is recommended to simply install the pre-compiled binary packages and their development brothers.

This is a list of shared libraries used by Motion and the RPM packages that provides them.

Motion will always need these libraries to be built and work
Library RPM Packages Debian Packages
libm, libresolv, libdl, libpthread, libc, ld-linux, libcrypt, and libnsl glibc and glibc-devel libc6 , libc6-dev ,libglib1.2
libjpeg libjpeg and libjpeg-devel libjpeg62 and libjpeg62-dev ( optional libjpeg-mmx-dev )
libz zlib and zlib-devel zlib1g and zlib1g-dev
For generating mpeg films with ffmpeg you need this library:
(See also the section Generating MPEG films with ffmpeg for how to install ffmpeg and libavformat/libavcodec)
Motion must be installed with revision 0.4.8 or 0.4.9pre1 of ffmpeg. Motion will also work with later CVS snapshots of ffmpeg but the API of the ffmpeg libraries changes all the time and without warning. If you have problems compiling Motion or with running an RPM of Motion you may try with an older CVS snapshot of ffmpeg. The Motion developers will like to know when ffmpeg changes and breaks Motion so we can fix it. Please file a bug report then with the exact date of the ffmpeg CVS version you have trouble with.

Library RPM Packages Debian Packages
libavcodec, libavformat ffmpeg and ffmpeg-devel or install from source libavcodec-dev libavcodec0d libavformat-dev libavformat0d (*)
Debian has not provided deb packages for ffmpeg due patent issues. However this is about to change so checkout for availability of newer versions of debian ffmpeg debs. You can build yourself from source or from Christian Marillat website or apt repository.
deb stable main # ( etch )
deb testing main # ( lenny )
deb unstable main # ( sid )

Add the suitable line to your /etc/apt/sources.list and run this:
apt-get update ; apt-get -y install libavcodec-dev libavcodec0d libavformat-dev libavformat0d

For logging in MySQL you need this library:
Library RPM Packages Debian Packages
libmysqlclient mysql and mysql-devel libmysqlclient15-off and libmysqlclient15-dev
For logging in PostgreSQL you need this library:

Library RPM Packages Debian Packages
libpq postgresql-libs and postgresql-devel libpq-dev and libpq4

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