Motion - Setup Mode Patch



Setup_mode is a new feature to enable you to tune basic settings in a more comfortable way.

Description of Patch

With setup_mode enabled, motion runs in non-daemon mode and some useful information is displayed on the console. Most messages do now have the thread number prepended. The webcam interface is displaying the motion images instead of the normal picture. Smartmask and the largest label is also copied into this view when the features are turned on. The diff-counter, the total number of labels and the noise-level is displayed in the upper right corner. You can then adjust things like noise_level, threshold and other basic parameters while you watch the webcam picture and/or console output to see the immediate effect of your changes.

With setup_mode, almost all commandline option are gone. The only thing left is:

- start in non-daemon mode (-n)
- start in setup_mode (-s) - help (-h/-?)

One option is new: you can now specify the config file on the commandline (-c).

A detailed setup guide will follow along with the progress of this patch.

Setup_mode is fully implemented now. Betatesters are welcome.

Installation of Patch

Copy diff into a 3.2.1_snap4 tree and unzip it.
patch -p1 < setup_mode.diff
make clean all

Start Motion with '-s', enable the webcam (server) and watch the result in a browser.

Discussion and Comments

-- JoergWeber - 13 Mar 2005
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