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truncate video at an arbitary time, whilst obeying gap time


Hi there I want to truncate the motion detected video at say 5 seconds, then not produce any more video for say 2 minutes. I tried setting gap 120 max_mpeg_time 5 but now I get multiple 5 second mpegs since motion is still continuing beyond 5 seconds. I am only interested in the first five seconds. I can't capture the whole thing and truncate it later since the time from trigger to movie written is very important to me.


Motion version: 3.1.18
ffmpeg version: 0.4.9pre1
Libraries: curl, ffmpeg,
Server OS: Fedora Core 1

-- AndrewBird - 14 Feb 2005


That is a very special application you have their and Motion is not able to do exactly what you want.

But because of the ability to both be remote controlled and executing scripts you could perhaps use a relatively short gap (must use value higher than 1) and when closing the mpeg running a script that disables motion detection, waits two minutes and then re-ables motion detection again.

Your special application is not one I will add to Motion itself. I want to and need to keep Motion lean and fast.

-- KennethLavrsen - 15 Feb 2005
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