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motion cant recognise config options


when i start motion, i get this error msg
Unkown config option: "ffmpeg_cap_new"
Unkown config option: "ffmpeg_timelaps"
thread config file not found: No such file or directory
thread0 device: /dev/video0 input: 2
waiting for threads to finish, pid: 6178
thread pid: 6178

but in motion.conf, i have:

ffmpeg_cap_new on
ffmpeg_timelapse_mode daily
thread /etc/motion/cam1.conf
thread /etc/motion/cam2.conf
thread /etc/motion/cam3.conf
thread /etc/motion/cam4.conf
which should be correct?

i'm 100% sure that the path to the thread config files are correct.

Do you have any idea why that happens?


edit: ok i've fixed it by compiling motion manually. For some reason the debian package i install shows version 3.0.7


Motion version: 3.2.3
ffmpeg version: 0.4.9pre1
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql
Server OS: debian 3.1, kernel 2.6.13

-- MadOnion87 - 03 Nov 2005


You probably have an old version installed which gets called instead of the one you think you called.

The config options are only recognised when Motion has been compiled with the features they belong to.

So your old Motion was simply not compiled with ffmpeg support. And since the Motion you started was another is probably also picked up a different motion.conf than you expected.

Glad you sorted things out.

-- KennethLavrsen - 03 Nov 2005
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