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first i want to say "very good job !!!!" second: i have created an html page called webcam.html (not original i know :o) ), and placed it in /etc/motion with the cambozola.jar but it seems that it is not the rigth directory because IE dont see it...he wants download something. Firefox dont generate this error but dont display my page, just the stream.

So this is my question, where to place this files ?

If you think "rtfm", guide me to the rigth page :o) Thanks

Vincent a french newbie in motion

vertignasse at free dot fr

Ps: my cam is a trendnet IP200, and it work fine.

Please put your console output, config file text, text from logs etc
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Motion version: 3.1.18
ffmpeg version:  
Server OS: linux DEBIAN Sarge stable

-- VincentAVEZ - 13 Apr 2006


Take a look to the guide :

Btw , update the version of motion to 3.2.6 ( there's a deb package for debian sarge ):

-- AngelCarpintero - 17 Apr 2006


You can not serve other html pages through the Motion mini http server: The idea is to communicate with the running Motion instance only. You should place your cambozola.jar and your webcam.html in your ordinary webserver directory. I.e. /var/www/

-- TorbenJensen - 23 Sept 2006
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