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Two camera problem


I'm not sure if this is the same old usb controller problem that is fully detailed elsewhere and apologise in advance if it is. The system recognises the two cams (2x Sony Eyetoy with the ov51x-jpeg drivers from rastageeks . . they were cheap on ebay, just for first try at motion) and makes them /dev/video0 and /dev/video1. I can use either cam in Motion by changing the values for videodevice but get the following terminal output if I try to use both:
john@main:~$ motion
   [ ... ]
[0] Processing thread 0 - config file /etc/motion/motion.conf
[0] Processing config file /etc/motion/thread1.conf
[0] Processing config file /etc/motion/thread2.conf
[0] Motion 3.2.9 Started
[0] Thread 1 is from /etc/motion/thread1.conf
[1] Thread 1 started
[0] Thread 2 is from /etc/motion/thread2.conf
[2] Thread 2 started
[0] motion-httpd/3.2.9 running, accepting connections
[0] motion-httpd: waiting for data on port TCP 8080
[1] Not a V4L2 device?
[1] Using VIDEO_PALETTE_YUV420P palette
[1] Using V4L1
[2] Failed to open video device /dev/video1: No space left on device
[2] Capture error calling vid_start
[2] Thread finishing...

lspci shows two usb controllers:
   [ .... ]
00:0b.0 USB Controller: nVidia Corporation CK804 USB Controller (rev a2)
00:0b.1 USB Controller: nVidia Corporation CK804 USB Controller (rev a4)
   [ .... ]

. . . but lsusb shows that the two cams are assigned the same address on the same bus:

john@main:~$ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 017: ID 0951:1603 Kingston Technology 
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 057b:0020 Y-E Data, Inc. HEXA Media Drive 6-in-1 Card Reader Writer
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:0000  
Bus 001 Device 017: ID 054c:0155 Sony Corp. 
Bus 001 Device 013: ID 054c:0155 Sony Corp. 
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 03f0:1104 Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 959c
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000 

I'm ready to buy another usb controller if needed but would like to know first if it is possible to run the two cams on this box. Thanks in advance for any help.


Motion version: 3.2.9
ffmpeg version: Not sure, Synaptic shows: 3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu7+medibuntu1 (hardy)
Libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) 32bit - 2.6.24-16-generic

-- JohnMaguire - 28 May 2008


You're right "no space left in device" is because canno allocate space to use both device in same USB bus so you can try to set a lower resolution or get another usb controller.

-- AngelCarpintero - 29 May 2008


Thanks for your answer AC, two new controllers ordered and on their way!

-- JohnMaguire - 29 May 2008

My experience with USB is even the cheap £5 controller cards allow you to use 2 USB1 cameras (not sure about USB2 cameras, I was using Philips SPC900NC) at 640x480 15fps but for some reason, you need to plug them in every other port.

So first and third port, or second and fourth port. For some reason plugging them into the first and second port gives the same "cannot allocate space" problem even though it's just a single chip dirt cheap pci usb controller card so the third port should be physically connected the same way as the second.

-- RomanGaufman - 30 May 2008

I confirm that the cameras both work now with a separate usb controller pci card for each. Many thanks again.

-- JohnMaguire - 07 June 2008

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