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dv4l + vloopback + motion segfault


I am trying to use dv4l + vloopback + motion to capture images off my DV camcorder via firewire (ieee1394). Everything works, but Motion segfaults after about 10-20 minutes. The segfault seems to happen randomly, and I can't figure out what the cause is (perhaps a video buffer?). USB and wireless cameras work good. Motion only segfaults when using the vloopback device. Do the errors shown in the verbatim text provide any clues to resolve the problem?

Tried all combinations of: Trunk r396 and r402 of Motion Trunk r8 of vloopback and v1.1 (stable release) ...all resulted in the same result.

If I use a program such as VLC (+dv4l+vloopback), and caputure /dev/video1, no errors occur. Error appears to be related to how Motion is interacting with the vloopback device.

**from dv4l process**
use /dev/video1 in your webcam application
VIDIOCMCAPTURE invalid format 15
VIDIOCMCAPTURE invalid format 8
VIDIOCMCAPTURE invalid format 1 ...message repeats occasionally while Motion runs, and "Wrong IOCTL" message below appears in the messages file.  

** from motion **
Aug 13 21:17:17  kernel: [ 5223.896323] /home/biehld/Desktop/vloopback/rev8/vloopback.c: DEBUG: vo_ioctl: Wrong IOCTL
Aug 13 21:17:18  kernel: [ 5224.372037] motion[13366]: segfault at b38d5008 eip b75b69bc esp b6cefcfc error 6


Motion version:
ffmpeg version:  
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql
Server OS: Ubuntu Hardy, 2.6.24-20

-- BiehlD - 14 Aug 2008

Follow up

Please attach you motion config file , also running motion trunk with debug will help :

./motion -n -d 5 ( maybe you can increase to 7 )

-- AngelCarpintero - 16 Aug 2008


Closed , no feedback.

-- AngelCarpintero - 06 Aug 2009
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