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Palette fail on composite input


I am trying to get motion to work on thru the composite input on a tv card. I am able to successfully get mplayer to display video as well as the program cheese will display the video. However when I run motion it says it cannot find a compatible palette format. I have tried every single palette option in the config as well as changing the videodevice (mplayer works with /dev/video0 and cheese works with /dev/video32). I've also tried using input 0, 1 and 8. When i use the library I do get more palette options listed in the log file, but it still doesn't work no matter what I try.

export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/
v4l2-ctl -i 2
motion -n

[0] Processing thread 0 - config file /etc/motion/motion.conf
[0] Motion 3.2.12 Started
[0] Thread 1 is from /etc/motion/motion.conf
[1] Thread 1 started
[0] motion-httpd/3.2.12 running, accepting connections
[0] motion-httpd: waiting for data on port TCP 8080
[1] cap.driver: "ivtv"
[1] cap.card: "Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150"
[1] cap.bus_info: "PCI:0000:02:05.0"
[1] cap.capabilities=0x01030051
[1] - TUNER
[1] - AUDIO
[1] Config palette index 8 (YU12) doesn't work.
[1] Supported palettes:
[1] 0: HM12 (HM12 (YUV 4:2:0))
[1] 1: MPEG (MPEG)
[1] 2: RGB3 (RGB3)
[1] 3: BGR3 (BGR3)
[1] 4: YU12 (YU12)
[1] 5: YV12 (YV12)
[1] Selected palette YU12
[1] VIDIOC_TRY_FMT failed for format YU12: Invalid argument
[1] Unable to find a compatible palette format.
[1] ioctl (VIDIOCGCAP): Invalid argument
[1] Could not fetch initial image from camera
[1] Motion continues using width and height from config file(s)
[1] Resizing pre_capture buffer to 1 items
[1] Started stream webcam server in port 8081
[1] Retrying until successful connection with camera


Motion version: 3.2.12
ffmpeg version: 0.6.2-4:0.6.2-1ubuntu1
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql
Server OS: ubuntu 2.6.38-8
-- TravisSimonds - 09 Jul 2011


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