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Question Hi I need to make my netcamera up and running with Motion, the problem is my camera can only handle RTSP protocol, i've tried to develop a patch with Libnemesi but i cant get to make it right, im a total noob at programming since i know only basic C, so ive tried to make functions here and there obviously with no success at all, i really need to make this work in Motion because i need to make it work on Linux, with motion detection and MPEG output. Any advice about this would be highly appreciated. Paste in your error messages, config settings, terminal window output etc in this text field. ---++ Environment | Motion version: | 3.2.12 | | ffmpeg version: | | | Libraries: | ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql, libnemesi | | Server OS: | Ubuntu 12.04 | -- GerardoCaudillo - 09 Jul 2013 ---++ Answer

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