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Please Adjust Webcam Server to Work with Chrome


Can you please update Motion so that its webcam server (the one operating on default port 8081) outputs an MJPEG stream embedded in an html page, instead of a raw MJPEG stream. For the last several versions, Chrome will not display an MJPEG stream if the stream is not part of an html page.Motion's webcam server outputs a raw MJPEG stream, so Chrome ignores it. If you look at Chrome's debug console when requesting Motion's MJPEG output, it just says "navigation cancelled" or something to that effect.

Firefox works fine. In Firefox, you'll notice that Firefox automatically parses the raw MJPEG stream and wraps the appropriate tags around it, if you look in the Firefox debugger.

Check this behavior at and

Also see



Motion version: 3.2.12
ffmpeg version: 0.8.9-4:0.8.9-0ubuntu0.12.04.1
Libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: Ubuntu 12.04, kernel 3.8.0-34
-- DavidRadin - 26 Dec 2013


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