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Timelapse video broken again by ffmpeg upgrade (to 2.2.14)


Motion was running fine for quite a long time built against ffmpeg-1.2.6 and with these patches:

Now the upgrade of ffmpeg (to 2.2.14) breaks the timelapse video feature. More precisely, the call to avformat_write_header() segfaults. Even more specifically, the code included below (from the end of ffmpeg_open() from ffmpeg.c) causes the segmentation violation. I know nothing about the ffmpeg API so I am unable to be more specific, but I would be happy to try things out and/or provide more information upon request.

Advice and/or patches are all appreciated.

    /* write the stream header, if any */
    if(avformat_write_header(ffmpeg->oc, NULL) < 0) {
      motion_log(LOG_ERR, 1, "Error while writing header for %s", filename);
      return NULL;


Motion version: 3.2.12 (patched)
ffmpeg version: 2.2.14
Libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: Gentoo amd64/13.0, kernel 3.18.11 w/ Gentoo patches
-- StefanBruda - 22 Apr 2015


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