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IPC ipcam trouble to connect with motion


I have a IPC model LS-IPK 15 camera [from China] that I can configure with NVSIP applicaiton (available for Android or iPhone).

I can also acess to the stream with VLC : rtsp://admin:myPassword@

I tried want to use it with motion in order to save the motion only:

netcam_url rtsp:// netcam_userpass admin:myPassword

I also tired netcam_url rtsp://admin:myPassword@

It's not working. Any recommendations?

[0] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] motion_startup: Using log type (ALL) log level (NTC)
[0] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] become_daemon: Motion going to daemon mode
[0] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] become_daemon: Created process id file /var/run/motion/ Process ID is 17039
[0] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] motion_startup: Motion running as daemon process
[0] [NTC] [ENC] [Nov 01 11:26:47] ffmpeg_init: ffmpeg LIBAVCODEC_BUILD 3680612 LIBAVFORMAT_BUILD 3679332
[0] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] main: Thread 1 is from /home/me/.motion/motion.conf
[0] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] main: Thread 1 is device: rtsp://admin:myPassword@ input -1
[0] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] main: Stream port 8081
[0] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] main: Waiting for threads to finish, pid: 17039
[1] [NTC] [ALL] [Nov 01 11:26:47] motion_init: Thread 1 started , motion detection Enabled
[1] [ALR] [NET] [Nov 01 11:26:47] netcam_start: Network Camera thread starting... for url (rtsp://admin:myPassword@
[1] [ALR] [NET] [Nov 01 11:26:47] rtsp_connect: unable to open input(rtsp:// -825242872 - Server returned 401 Unauthorized (authorization failed)


Motion version: 3.2.12
ffmpeg version: 2.7.2
Libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit
-- TaradaPeiet - 01 Nov 2015


I believe you will need to compile from a newer source to get the authentication to work or use one of the testing debs in the proposed patch work. The SVN and the github SackMotion have problems with the authentication on rtsp streams.
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