Music - A New Beginning

A New Beginning

This time a jazz piece with all the horns and guitars and piano and keyboards.

This piece started with Tom sending me a short bass riff with piano chords, asking if I felt like building a piece of music around it. It sounded so funky and cool so I said yes right away.

So I started building a piece of music using this riff. I added more chords and let the riff follow the chords. And then added more instruments. Moved the initial riff to the left hand on a piano. And later to a Moog bass. Soon a melody was developed using a bit of blues scale notes also.
Then I added horns, and more horns.

During the process I sent many versions to Tom and he gave lots of good ideas both on instrumentation and the sound.
It was the idea that Tom would mix and master but the files sizes became too large and I used plugs he did not have so instead he guided me to finish the job.

I have learned a lot in this process. It took around two months to do. But it was worth it.

I hope you all like the result. Thanks Tom for the inspiration and that cool riff.

Genre: Jazz
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen and alanatomic
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen and alanatomic
Published: 12 Nov 2013
Copyright: 2013

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