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Picnic In The Meadow

I do not know where this song came from. I just felt like making a waving romantic old fashioned tune.

When I played it for my wife I asked "What shall I call it?" She said: "I see a picnic in a field".

"Hmm", I said, "Let us call it Picnic In the Meadow, that sounds more romantic"

I think the Meadow could be somewhere in France. Does that make sense?
02 Jun 2024 Inspirational picnic.jpg
I Still Love you

In April 2024 Dave (Sprout) posted a song "I still Love You". I loved the melody and it stayed in my head for weeks and I kept on going back to listen to it.
Finally I asked Dave for permission to make a cover version which he accepted. Here is the result.

Music and Lyrics: Sprout
All instruments played by Kenneth Lavrsen
Arrangement, mix, and additional lyrics by Kenneth Lavrsen
Vocals are generated from midi and text and love using Synthesizer V

Also available in
full CD Quality
25 May 2024 Pop sprout-love.jpg
Punk Moments

It is time for a little style change. You may think "He forgot to take his pill" when you hear this.

Years ago I wrote a song called Moments That Matter as a request from my wife for a work event. And later I made a version for my own work place. The lyrics were sort of corporate BS. So I also made a punk version just for fun. It was never published because I did not know how to make distorted guitar sound right. I have since learned. Power chords! That is the secret.

I had a lot of fun making this including the horrible picture of me as an angry old punk. I hope you get the humor. And as Billy Joel sang - "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me".

I'd better take my pill now
14 May 2024 Pop punkmoments.jpg
Midnight Child

Another great song by Stan Loh

All instruments played by Kenneth Lavrsen, April 2024
14 Apr 2024 Pop midnightchild.jpg
Circle Dance (Acoustic Orchestra)

Genre this time is folk music with a Nordic sound and feel. A folky tune that would be great to grab each other in the hands and dance in a large circle. Like I experienced people doing in Barcelona when they dance the Sardana.

I originally published this in 2013. In 2024 I created two new versions. This version is a new fully acoustic classical orchestra version

The instruments you hear are in order of appearance
- Upright bass and piano
- Cymbals
- Clarinet
- Domra and mandolin
- Female voice, celeste, bassoon
- Flute, alto saxophone, acoustic guitar, violins, violas
- Shakers, conga drums, timpany, hi-hats
- Hand claps, cellos, double basses, oboe, female voices (singing pa pa papapa), tubas

You should also check out the new synth/acoustic 2024 version

Also available in full CD Quality
31 Mar 2024 Folk CircleDance.jpg
Circle Dance 2024

Genre this time is folk music with a Nordic sound and feel. I use a mix of traditional instruments, synth, and voice. The rhythm is slow (75 bpm) and strong but without heavy drum beating. A folky tune that would be great to grab each other in the hands and dance in a large circle. Like I experienced people doing in Barcelona when they dance the Sardana.

I originally published this in 2013. In 2024 I created two versions. This one is a completely new version with better instruments and better mixing and mastering.

You should also check out the acoustic version

You can also listen to the file in full CD quality
30 Mar 2024 Folk CircleDance.jpg
Spring 2024

Back in 2015 on iCompositions JCLeonard and I did a collaboration. He posted a beautiful track for open collab. A classical style piece with a lovely simple progression and nice harmonies and decorations by a piano and bells. When I heard it, a melody started forming in my head and I knew I had to record it.

The thing with open collabs is that it is always a patch work and choice of instruments and the chords, the harmonization, may not fit the melody perfectly. I always wanted to redo the harmonization and write a chord progression that fit the melody better and also to arrange the orchestra and remove elements that never really fit my melody.

So here is Spring in a 2024 version, completely rewritten and rearranged.

So here it is. A slow elegant piece that describes the wonderful spring that we are in the middle of. My favourite time of the year.
31 Jan 2024 Classical Spring.jpg
Time (vocal version)

I have earlier posted an instrumental version of this song and I always promissed myself that I would write lyrics for it.

I take a long time to write lyrics. Especially this song took time because I had a clear idea what I wanted to say in the song and it was difficult to find the right words. But here it is.

A piece with huge orchestration. One of those that took quite some time to make. Originally made in 2019. I remixed it and replaced some sound libraries in 2023. And in 2024 I added the lyrics and recorded it. The voice is Kevin from Synth V.
31 Jan 2024 Pop time.jpg
Where To Find Me

Where to Find Me
Music and Lyrics by Stan Loh
Stan was inspired by an original poem by Catherine Prutton

Musical instruments played, arranged, and mixed by Kenneth Lavrsen

The image is from Google Earth and shows where to find Stan and me . Note the long physical distance but short artistic distance.
22 Jan 2024 Pop WhereToFindMe.png
Night At The Lake

This piece tells the story of walking around a lake in the forest in the middle of the night. We hear the animals. Then the early morning begins and finally the sunrise in its glory.

The night piece is a string instrument and flute. Then as the twilight begins the main theme is played on piano and as at the sunrise we hear the full orchestra.

I hope you enjoy the trip
04 Dec 2023 Classical NightAtTheLake.jpg
Sophisticated Hoods

A new song written by Stan Loh. Stan sings, plays guitar, and also provided a drum track. I added two additional guitars, acoustic double bass, a synth based on vocal sample, and some percussion. And I mixed the result.
30 Nov 2023 Pop SophisticatedHoods.jpg
The Joys Of Life

Stan writes:
A reflective song about love life. Kenneth Lavrsen developed, arranged, and did all the instruments in this wonderful backing.
20 Nov 2023 Pop TheJoysOfLife.jpg
Hymn of Peace 2023

This is a new version of a song I posted in 2012. A simple song with simple melody, simple chords, and a simple message. I always wanted to repost this song one day with actual lyrics. The occation is that we need peace right now more than ever. Voices are a mix of AI voices and my own voice.
13 Nov 2023 Classical peace-dove-md.png

Rhône is a song I have been working on since 2014. It started as a chord progression and a theme which is still in the final version. What took time was to arrange it and add additional themes so that the song got the variations and development that makes it worth listening to.

Rhône is one of the main rivers in France and Diane and I love to visit the wine districts along the river and drive around in the French Alps
09 Nov 2023 Pop rhone.jpg
The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple. That is Diane and I naturally. This song started by making some fun chord progression with several key changes. And then I bought Synthesizer V - a fantastic vocal synth software. And as I played with it making rubbish lyrics, the whole thing ended up with this result. Some background. When I do not make music, I automate things in our house. The geek! And the suitcase story goes back 10 years where Diane had been travelling and she woke in the middle of a nightmare where she dreamt that she had lost her suitcase. At the same time I played with music in Garageband on my iPad and the very first primitive song I did was called "Where is my suitcase?" which I never published. I hope you have as much fun listening to this as I had making it. The singers are Synth V voices Solaria and Kevin
09 Nov 2023 Pop perfectcouple.jpg

It started as a musical idea.
And it ended with a lot more ideas
And the title became Idea
21 Oct 2023 Pop idea.jpg
The Night

It has been a year since I released a song.
This has been worked on for a long time and what started as a Banjo country inspired song ended up as an upbeat synth instrumental
The image is made at a random image AI site where I asked it to make a cover picture for a song called The Night
22 Jun 2023 Pop TheNight.jpg
Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero was composed with a dear friend and colleague in mind. A special one that put his own health at risk to help me when I needed help. A friend that waited for me in a hospital waiting room till 4 AM in the morning.

Thank you, my everyday hero. You know who you are
29 Mar 2022 Classical everydayhero.jpg

Charming is the working name of this song. It ended up as a complete mess of genres and there is no story behind it. So charming it is. It starts jazzy and ends up as a 4 to the floor banger.
28 Mar 2022 Pop charming.jpg
Tapas Tapas Tapas

This track is inspired by Spanish music. It starts with an Andalusian cadence but then develops all over the place.
When Diane and I were in Sevilla (Andalusia, Spain) in 2003 we heard the restaurant waiters calling for the tourists passing by shouting "Tapas, Tapas, Tapas".
And yes we love tapas and we had a lot of tapas.
11 Feb 2022 Latin tapas.jpg
The Little Things

This is an instrument slow tempo pop song. The title is the work title I started with. The little thing in life that matters.
24 Jan 2022 Pop TheLittleThings.jpg

Julehygge. Danish for Christmas cosiness.
A song written in December 2021 inspired by home life decorating for Christmas, drinking Christmas beers, eating Christmas cookies.
31 Dec 2021 Pop Julehygge.jpg
Lake Como

A jazz waltz inspired by a really nice vacation at Lake Como, Italy, 2021
31 Dec 2021 Jazz LakeComo.jpg
Lydia Goes Crazy

This piece of music started as with playing around with Lydian mode but then the song developed and went back to major and minor and some double harmonic and.. it just went crazy - but I like the result
11 May 2019 Pop crazy-notes.jpg
Off Site Meeting

Off Site Meeting was a song I wrote after coming home from .... an off site meeting.

A simple synth piece - upbeat.
11 May 2019 Electronica marienlyst.jpg
Space Waltz

Space Waltz - the music and title is inspired by the Space X mission of the Falcon Heavy Side boosters landing side by side - like they were dancing. Only the music was missing. Here it is.
11 May 2019 Pop spacexdance.jpg
Time (instrumental)

Time is a one of those songs that are just waiting for lyrics. The idea of the music is to be about life, getting older. There are several places in the song that fits with "time goes by".

A piece with huge orchestration. One of those that took quite some time to make. Originally made in 2019. I remixed it and replaced some sound libraries in 2023. In January I created a vocal version
11 May 2019 Pop time.jpg
Murder That Nagging Wife

A music piece with a story

A woman is nagging her husband over and over again.

- I want a new floor in the kitchen.
- I want the hallway painted.
- I want this, I want that.

The husband gets more and more annoyed and one day he has had enough. He grabs the wife, ties her up, brings her to the railway track and ties her to the rails.

We see the fast train approaching. We see the terrified eyes of the woman - who we all know deserves it.

The train driver sees the woman and pushes the brakes all he can. Will the train stop in time?
Well the music suggests that the train stops. But did it stop in time? Only the composer knows!

The piece starts with a quiet synth arpeggio and a sad melody played on a typical DX7 type bell synth. This is the sad nagging.

A B piece follows on guitar-like string instrument. The husband is building up his rage and frustration and drags her to the rails.

We move to the C piece where the song changes into full symphony orchestra introducing a pompous melody with drums. The train is approaching.

The B peace is played by glockenspiel backed by the cellos and flute. We are in the locomotive looking forward.

Now we reach the final where the C piece is played by the horns and the DX7 is back playing the sad A melody backed by full orchestra. It all comes to the climax. The train getting all too near, and the fear and anger all mixed up. And the train slows down. The music and the train stops....

Many hours of work and a fun mix of classical orchestra and modern synth instruments. 26 tracks.
24 Jul 2018 Classical Melodrama.jpg
The Beginning

The Beginning... of it all.

I tried to create a dramatic piece that could be used as a film score.

The idea behind it came from playing with a sound that was made as 11th chords. I recorded a small progression and it all matched up nicely and invited for a mystic and grotesque melody to grow out of it.

As I created the song I made additional themes that fit the progression and at the end I layer it all up.
22 Jul 2018 Electronica TheBeginning.jpg
Another Upbeat Song For Diane

My sweet wife Diane will always be my most important inspiration. And she always wants me to make upbeat songs.

So here is another one.

The photo is taken some years ago but it has captured her warm mood so well. That is my Diane. I love you.
19 Jul 2018 Dance AnotherUpbeatSongForDiane.jpg
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