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Never Too Late To Find Love

Someone very close to me just got married. Both come from broken relationships, and both have adult children. They have found love again. Beautiful. Here is some music inspired by this
26 Jun 2016 Classical NeverTooLateToFindLove.jpg
Old Friends

Sometimes I get a little sentimental when I think about old friends and colleagues that I used to be with almost every day and now they are either no longer part of my life or I see them very rarely.
So this music is dedicated to the old friends.

The style is a slow pop piece played by a mix of synths and classical orchestra. In this piece two of the leading instruments are synthed versions of sampled piano and guitar. But as you may notice both the piano and guitar do not sound authentic, and that is intentional. Both are sounds created by one of the most interesting sound designers PluginGuru. The piano patch is called "Do Androids Dream?" and the guitar is actually two different electric guitars layered and processed in patch called Stratus M. Stratus M was actually a BPM type patch where I removed the arpeggiation because I loved the sound of the instrument itself. Especially in the upper register where it almost sounds like a harp. The orchestra patches are all naturally sampled classical orchestra patches.

I hope you enjoy this piece of music and think about your old friends when you listen to it
29 May 2016 Pop OldFriends.jpg
African Party

I have finally found some time to work on my music and it is now time for a party.

This is the 2nd time I have been inspired by the South African Kwela style. The song is a fast tempo jazzy swinging happy piece. Enjoy
15 May 2016 World AfricanParty.jpg

It has been a long time since I had time for my music. I have been working on this song since New Year but only a few hours per week.

I love a good jazz waltz. I like the swing and how it moves in its 6/8 measure.

I wrote a little simple text for it and sing it myself with my tiny little voice.

The song is built on some strange chords I was experimenting with.
Bb7Sus4, Eb7Sus4, Fm6, F7, Fm7b5, and Bb7.

And strange chords gives new inspiration for the melody.

28 Feb 2016 Jazz Forever.jpg
The Mountaineer

The Mountaineer. The seeker of the ultimate goals. The adventurer. The nature. The challenge.

This song is dedicated to my friend and former colleague Jan Mathorne.

It starts slow with a very Nordic sound and then speeds up into a pop piece with synth arps, guitars, and voices.

And with this I wish you all a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays. Enjoy

25 Dec 2015 Pop TheMountaineer.jpg

I will let the music speak.

I also dedicate this music to the memory of Bjarne Lavrsen
15 Nov 2015 Pop Paris.jpg
Stomp The Old Boots

This music should make you stomp a foot to the beat. You may also want to clap a fast 1-2-3.

Slow moving, hard 4 to the floor folky piece of music with a mix of traditional instruments and synth. And a simple piece with only two chords but a lot of small melody lines.

One, two, three - come and stomp with me.

One of the hardest things when uploading music is to find a name for the song and an image to match. I first decided the name of the song and started searching for images with "old boots". And then some variations. I finally found these boots. Not very old boots. In fact very new boots in a very good shape. But they sure are beautiful boots and I am sure they can stomp to this music.

18 Oct 2015 Folk StompTheOldBoots.jpg
I Would Do Anything

Anything, I Would Do Anything
For A Touch Of your Love
And A Place Of Your Heart

That is how far I got with lyrics for this one smile

The photo is Diane and I, 18 years ago, our wedding. Mmm. Sweet memories
11 Oct 2015 Pop IWouldDoAnything.jpg
Space Dreams

Space Dreams
Music inspired by following the Danish ESA astronaut travel to the International Space Station and back again. Andreas Mogensen is the first Dane in space so there was a lot of news coverage about him. It has been amazing to hear how he has been dreaming about travel in space all his life and the many years of training it has taken to reach his goal.
It was also fun to hear him talk to his mother from the space station, and her last remark was "remember to call when you have landed safely".

The music genre must be a kind of Space Latin.

I am very busy at the moment helping the open source software project Foswiki getting a new release stable so I have not had too much time making or listening to music. I will take this weekend to catch up on some listening.
19 Sep 2015 Latin SpaceDreams2.jpg
Romantic Vibes

I was working on a dance type of synth piece when this modulating chord progression suddenly "showed up" and the very latin sounding melody appeared.

So here is a latin inspired piece in combination with some 4 on the floor drum and bass beats.

It has sun and beach and long drinks written all over it so it was natural to call it Romantic Vibes.
27 Jul 2015 Latin RomanticVibes.jpg
Memory Of A Festival

The last 10 days has been the time of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.
I have very nice fresh memories from this. This piece of music is a tribute to all the fine musicians that makes this event something very special.

A fusion of jazz, latin, and prog rock.

Remixed August 2018
13 Jul 2015 Jazz MemoryOfAFestival.jpg
Neon Lights

It does not happen often that I post a cover version of a song but here is one of the rare exceptions.

Neon Lights - by the German group Kraftwerk - from their great album The Man Machine. Today the original sounds lame and boring and far too long but this music really influenced the whole electronic dance music scene as we know it today. And Kraftwerk actually managed to write some really good songs with melodies that stays in your ear like a worm. And Neon Lights is one of those songs.

I have created a my own interpretation of it. I have kept the melody and basic structure but I have changed the groove with drums and bass that gets the groove moving much more. I have changed the chords a little bit. I have added extra notes to the melodies to create more variation. And the long ending has been made short. And no singing, sorry

I hope you will enjoy it.
19 Apr 2015 Electronica NeonLights.jpg
Stomping Polka

Inspired by the Country Stomp by sprkymrt I decided to try to make a similar piece of music. Well, as always creative process combined by limited skills makes a very diferent result. In this case it sounds more like a folky polka song. So here is my Stomping Polka in a Country Folk type of mix. I love to play with different genres and I hope I did not mess this one up too much
12 Apr 2015 Folk StompingPolka.jpg

JCLeonard posted a beautiful track a couple of weeks ago for open collab. A classical style piece with a lovely simple progression and nice harmonies and decorations by a piano and bells. When I heard it, a melody started forming in my head and I knew I had to record it.

So here it is. A slow elegant piece that describes the wonderful spring that we are in the middle of. My favourite time of the year.

Chord Progression and string/piano harmonies composed and played by JCLeonard.

Melody - played by acoustic and electric guitars, voices, glasses, plucked piano, and harp - is composed and played by Kenneth Lavrsen
02 Apr 2015 Classical Spring.jpg
Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse is fascinating and beautiful. I was watching the one we had here in March 2015 live on TV. Both from the Faroe Islands and from Svalbard.

This naturally inspired a piece of music. Enjoy.
27 Mar 2015 Pop SolarEclipse.jpg
Glimpse Of A Time (Cover)

It is not often that I post a cover but here is an exception

I heard this song the first time last Friday sung by a 15 year old girl in the Danish X-factor and I was hypnotised by the beauty of it. Right after I found the original and it is even more beautiful.

The song Glimpse Of A Time comes from an Danish artist "Broken Twin". Behind is very talented young woman Majke Voss Romme (woman on the picture). She writes beautiful songs and sings them so well while playing guitar or piano. Her debut album "May" was released last year and I highly recommend it.

I have created this instrumental cover because I just had to. I tried to keep the arrangement simple like the original but I let the melody being played by 4 woodwind instruments: Clarinet, English horn, French oboe, and flute and developed it a tiny little bit.

But what I would really wish for is that a singer picks it up and sings it.

Here are some links to Youtube videos with the song in different versions

* Youtube video live on Danish TV
* Youtube video official video
* Youtube video X-factor (DR) Emilie Esther (Note that this version is shortened and does not contain several lines of lyrics)

The song is (C) 2014 Antirecords and Majke Voss Romme (I hope this cover can elevate a little interest for her debut album)
13 Mar 2015 Pop GlimpseOfATime.jpg
My Mind Is Free

"If my body is enslaved, still my mind is free" - Sophocles

01 Mar 2015 Pop MyMindIsFree.jpg
The White Lady Sings

The Hindsgavl Castle, Denmark, has its own ghost roaming the grounds. She is called The White Lady and bears a tragic story. On the day of her wedding, the coach carrying her to Hindsgavl crashed into a pond, and she got stuck in the coach and drowned. Now she is looking for her husband mainly in the park at midnight, but she has been spotted a few places around the castle as well. She only approaches men, as she seeks for her husband, and people say she disappears with a sigh, when she discovers none of them are her husband. It is also said that the ring for her finger is still somewhere around the castle.

My wife and I celebrated Christmas 2014 at Hindsgavl Castle and late night on Christmas evening I chatted with Stan Loh and told him the story about the ghost. And his reaction was "I think we have a new project". Few days later he sent me this fantastic song.

I added some musical details including the long opera/choral middle part and added other bits and pieces.

Stan contacted Steve Hales and asked him if he would sing the song. Steve took the challenge and started working hard on it. And here 6 weeks later the result is here. I think his vocal work is fantastic.

On behalf of Steve, Stan, and myself - I wish you a pleasant listen

Vocal: Steve Hales
All instruments and mix/master: Kenneth Lavrsen
Music: Stan Loh and Kenneth Lavrsen
Lyrics: Stan Loh
15 Feb 2015 Pop TheWhiteLadySings.jpg
Dance Dance Dance

When I was "young and beautiful" (now I am only "and") disco was the hot thing. So a naive and fun disco piece for you to dance to.
19 Jan 2015 Pop DanceDanceDance.jpg
Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

These days we are all French

Slow piece in C mixolydian mode
08 Jan 2015 Folk JeSuisCharlie.jpg
Upbeat Song For Diane

When Diane and I was driving home from our mini Christmas vacation we were listening to one of my old upbeat songs in the car. Diane said: "You should make some more upbeat songs".

So here is an upbeat song for Diane.

The image is taken in Tivoli when they did their beautiful fireworks. And with that I wish you all a happy 2015.
29 Dec 2014 Pop UpbeatSongForDiane.jpg
Robins In Love

For the first time I am introducing my little sister Djinnie Rasmussen.

Djinnie asked me if I would create the backing music of a 1987 Danish hit called Vårvise (spring song). The song was originally a duet between the composer Sebastian and Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjebø.

Djinnie wanted to record the song and give it to her husband Jørgen as a Christmas present.
Naturally I could not resist such a romantic gesture and I accepted right away.

When I had done the backing I asked Stan Loh if he would write English lyrics for the song, and he accepted. And I am very thankful for that because the result is really good.

So here is the result: Robins In Love. Maybe I will also post the Danish version if encouraged to.

Vocal: Djinnie Rasmussen
All instruments and mix: Kenneth Lavrsen
Music: Sebastian (1987)
Lyrics: Stan Loh (2014)
Photo: My sister Djinnie

Merry Christmas, Jørgen. Hope you like your present. And Merry Christmas to all in iComp.
23 Dec 2014 Pop RobinsInLove.jpg
Area 51

There is an Area 51 in most homes in which a married couple lives. A room, a space where the man can be himself. The place where only his idea of order and aesthetics rules. The only place where She Who Must Be Obeyed has no business and no saying.

Female spoken words: Diane Chayer (She Who Must Be Obeyed)
Male spoken words and all music: Kenneth Lavrsen (Area 51 installation commander)
23 Nov 2014 Pop Area51.jpg
Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces. The empty chairs that are left behind when people were laid off. People that are greatly missed. This describes the feelings of us that were left behind.

A classical piece for full classical orchestra. It took 3 weeks and 20 tracks to complete this piece of music. I hope you all like it.
02 Nov 2014 Classical EmptySpaces.jpg
Don't Look Back

Last week I had to say goodbye to 7 fine employees because of a decision taken by top managers that don't even know me or my people.

My last two songs were very much reflections over this situation but I could not write it in a public place so I had to give them different stories. But if you go back and listen again you will know what they are about.

Heavy Thoughts - HeavyThoughts

Beyond All Logical Thinking

This new song is about the future. Soon these 7 of the very best will be in new careers.

So boys - Don't Look Back.
I lost 7 employees. But I gained 7 friends. And that will turn out to be even more valuable I am sure. So this new song is a happy song.
13 Oct 2014 Pop DontLookBack.jpg
Beyond All Logical Thinking

There are so many things going on in this world at the moment where the reasoning behind is Beyond All Logical Thinking.

This music is inspired by me seeing and reading what is going on. And also things that are going on in my near every day.

And yet - in the middle of all this - we humans never give up having hope that things will get better.

Music is mostly synth sounds. It starts quiet. Then the beat takes over and a melody made over some untraditional chords and scales. Then the piece goes quiet again and expresses what goes on inside all these people. And inside of me.

28 Sep 2014 Inspirational BeyondAllLogicalThinking.jpg
Heavy Thoughts

Heavy Thoughts. Something we all have from time to time. When things in life turns for the worse, when we miss someone, when a friend or family member gets ill, when love breaks, when jobs are lost. But we all normally get through it because we know that things get better, that not all is sad, and that time heals.

This music is an expression of the heavy thoughts. The fear. The uncertainty. But in the dark waves is the hope and confidence and support from others expressed by the melody lines at the end played by the bright instruments.

Music style is soft rock ballad. I hope you enjoy the music. Soon the sun comes out and warms the little bird on the picture.
18 Aug 2014 Rock HeavyThoughts.jpg
Hot Summer Rock

It is warm. It is summer. It is time for some Hot Summer Rock

Music is a moderately paced, 4 to the floor, synth rock piece. Get a cool beer from the fridge, turn the volume up, and rock that foot.
29 Jul 2014 Rock HotSummerRock.jpg
The Land Of The Fjords

We have been planning our next vacation. This time the destination will be "The Land Of The Fjords". We are going a little north this time to our neighbours Norway. After a day in Oslo we will drive to the western part which is endless beautiful landscapes of mountains and fjords. The planning and all the beautiful pictures inspired this piece of music.

The music is a slow waltzing piece with both acoustic and electric instruments. Pop music but with a little folk inspiration in the melody lines. Enjoy.
20 Jul 2014 Pop TheLandOfTheFjords.jpg
Jenni Goes Out To Dance

My dear aunt Jenni inspired this piece of music when she visited us for 3 weeks this summer.
Jenni - the sister of my father - went to Vancouver, Canada when she was a young woman to work for a year or two. She met this wonderful man and stayed.
I was working on this jazz piece, and when she heard it, she said it reminded her of when she went out dancing as a young girl. So that became the title.

The music is a latin jazz piece with a smooth sax and soft horns.

I can imagine myself sitting with my sweet wife in a restaurant with this music playing, telling her how beautiful her eyes are as they reflect the candlelight.
12 Jul 2014 Pop Jenni_Goes_Out_To_Dance.png
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