Music - Murder That Nagging Wife

Murder That Nagging Wife

A music piece with a story

A woman is nagging her husband over and over again.

- I want a new floor in the kitchen.
- I want the hallway painted.
- I want this, I want that.

The husband gets more and more annoyed and one day he has had enough. He grabs the wife, ties her up, brings her to the railway track and ties her to the rails.

We see the fast train approaching. We see the terrified eyes of the woman - who we all know deserves it.

The train driver sees the woman and pushes the brakes all he can. Will the train stop in time?
Well the music suggests that the train stops. But did it stop in time? Only the composer knows!

The piece starts with a quiet synth arpeggio and a sad melody played on a typical DX7 type bell synth. This is the sad nagging.

A B piece follows on guitar-like string instrument. The husband is building up his rage and frustration and drags her to the rails.

We move to the C piece where the song changes into full symphony orchestra introducing a pompous melody with drums. The train is approaching.

The B peace is played by glockenspiel backed by the cellos and flute. We are in the locomotive looking forward.

Now we reach the final where the C piece is played by the horns and the DX7 is back playing the sad A melody backed by full orchestra. It all comes to the climax. The train getting all too near, and the fear and anger all mixed up. And the train slows down. The music and the train stops....

Many hours of work and a fun mix of classical orchestra and modern synth instruments. 26 tracks.

Genre: Classical
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Published: 24 Jul 2018
Copyright: 2018

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