Music - And Then We Die

And Then We Die

Pop song with lyrics sung by me. The song is about my life philosophy: Live your life while you still have it and do not let anyone tell you that they know better than you, how to live your life.

The title sounds dramatic but the song is actually upbeat and should bring a smile to the faces of most people.

Genre: Pop
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Lyrics: Kenneth Lavrsen
Published: 21 Mar 2012
Copyright: 2012


And Then We Die
(C) 2012 Kenneth Lavrsen

You were born with nothing in a hospital bed
You are taking nothing with you when you're dead
In between your life is just a short flash
And it all ends up in dust and ash

You go to school to feed your soul
You waste half your childhood learning your role
As a factory worker or an office slave
Every morning the same: sh*t, shower and shave

And then you die
No matter how hard you try
And then you die
It's just goodbye

The church tries to tell you what to do
They say that only they know what is true
But there is no god and it is all a lie
You've got to live your moment and then it's goodbye

Health fanatics run and exercise
They ruin our lives with their eternal advice
I know I have lived more than half of my life
I am gonna eat and drink with my beautiful wife

And then we die
No matter how hard we try
And then we die
It's just goodbye

People postpone their lives till they get old
They reject life's pleasures just collecting gold
It is all worth nothing when your sitting alone
Running out of birthdays in a nursing home

Life is stuffing myself with steaks and fries
And I close my ears to the fanatic lies
Life is not religion or status or gold
Life is sex, and beer, and rock 'n' roll

And then we die
No matter how hard we try
And then we die
It's just goodbye

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