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I am very active on an open source project called Foswiki, which is a wiki used in business.

I have had plans of making some training screen casts videos for a while and needed some music for the intro and as background in passages. And for this purpose I needed something soft, light, instrumental music that does not take attention away.
So it is intentional that the whole thing is soft pop almost kitsch in its nature. It is an instrumental soft-pop tune. But with a melody you can sing along with like I always do. I love a good strong melodic line in a song.

This was all before I really started being serious about making music. It was when I composed a lot of stuff in Garageband on my iPad. I have later done some minor enhancements in the mix and edited a few wrong notes in Logic Studio but as a whole the tune is still pretty much as I made it in Garageband on my iPad.

Besides the standard license - the Foswiki project is granted unlimited license to use this tune in anything related to the Foswiki project without prior permission.

Genre: Pop
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Published: 31 Oct 2011
Copyright: 2011

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