Music - My Song Is Flat

My Song Is Flat

My Song Is Flat is a jazz waltz

I have wanted to write a jazz waltz for a long time and when Mary suggested a collaboration I knew this was the right occasion because I have admired Mary's jazz vocal since I joined iCompositions.

Mary agreed to write lyrics. This is her first lyrics. And her first jazz waltz. And I am very amazed with the result.

Music composed by Kenneth Lavrsen
Lyrics by Mary McGrath

Vocal by Mary
All instruments and mix by Kenneth


Genre: Jazz
Artists: Mary McGrath and Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Lyrics: Mary McGrath
Published: 20 Feb 2014
Copyright: 2014


My Song Is Flat
Lyrics and Vocals by Mary McGrath
Copyright 15 Feb 2014
All rights reserved

Come over here
Please sit next to me
There’s something I want
To explain to you

There's something inside
That must be set free
For now…somehow

I have been holding
These feelings for years
They're hard to keep quiet
With so many tears

I cannot control
My feeling so low

I have been waiting so long
My music's no longer a song
I need to get hold of a tune
My song is flat

Don't you know
I've been waiting so long
My music’s no longer a song
I need to get hold of a tune
My song is flat

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