Music - Second Step

Second Step

This is a melody that I originally recorded as one of my very first tracks in Garageband back in July 2011. I was playing with a synth called the "Voodoo Grove A Stepper" and made a techno like song with it. And then I started playing around adding more instruments, choir. Maybe not with the biggest thought process. And it was before I started reading music theory books. But the result ended up as an upbeat song with a mix of electronica and pop.

At first I did not want to upload it but I was encouraged by ihussain because he wanted to hear what I had done with this stepper sound. The steppers are simply synth sounds with a mix of filters that change in 1/16 or 1/8 pattern giving an arpeggiated effect. Some of the filters produce very odd harmonics making the sound dissonant. It is a cool effect.

I gave it a brief mixing in Logic to improve balance of instruments and master compression before uploading it but all the notes and sounds are like I made them in originally.

Genre: Pop
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Published: 06 Mar 2012
Copyright: 2012

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