Music - Second Zebra

Second Zebra

A fast paced track that should make your feet tap along.

A few weeks ago I posted a track called First Zebra where most of the instruments was the Zebra synthesizer from u-he.

Well I obviously wasn't done exploring this universe.

As I was looking for some sounds for a song Stan had written I ended up finding some pretty cool arpeggiated sounds that belonged to a very different genre. And sorry Stan... I ended up finding these sounds so cool I just continued on, and Stan's song will have to wait a while.

I started a discovery journey in the many user contributed sounds you can find at the u-he web site. And quickly a melody got itself built up.

In principle this is a two chord song. But the chords are played in different inversions but it is just I and V.

The result is a fast paced electronic piece with almost 20 tracks of which only a few are not the Zebra synth. So that gave the name to the song. Dance along and enjoy.

Genre: Electronica
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Published: 17 Sep 2012
Copyright: 2012

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