Music - Summer Romance

Summer Romance

After a January with maybe one day of visible sun my dreaming and longing towards the spring and summer once again inspired a sunshine melody.

It has taken me two weeks to complete this. I used 26 tracks incl many of pure percussion. Lots of percussion. I shall now bore you or entertain you with all the details :-)

I started off with the idea of a sunshine tune in minor key. So the main key is C minor but with some small twists to allow chromatic notes to colour the melody line.

The music starts with the Lambada beat/bass and leads into the main melody theme played by some layered whistles and synths and finger picked acoustic guitar.

The music then develops into a section with the same progression but a new melody line played by accordion and melodion layered with an e-bowed piano. It gives a sound like the rays from the sun, warm and bright. Chords get played by steeldrums.

Third section brings us back to the main melody now played by a plucked modelled plate/string instrument. And I introduce banjo to play the chords

The music now develops in a surprising way. We enter a long bridge part which is almost like a song in the song in 3 small sections - each modulating and playing with major/minor and key changes. It is also brings back the steel drums playing the chords. It starts with a melody played by horns. Then comes a new little melody with a warm brass-like synth playing a theme that moves between major and minor. The long intermezzo section ends with a new melody played by a cello-like synth and helped along by the horns.

The next section brings us back to the main melody theme. The chords are now played by an army of instruments incl. pianos. Banjo is back. Lead instrument is a bell sounding cool Zebra2 patch. Horns continue to support the lead.

Finally we round off the song quietly with the end of the main theme as the sun goes down over the ocean and we hold hands with the loved one on the beach.
Oh, and did I mention the drink in the other hand?


Genre: Latin
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Published: 05 Feb 2014
Copyright: 2014

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