Music - The Old Troll

The Old Troll

The Old Troll. An instrumental with a mix of sculptured sounds, synth, and sampled instruments.

It is composed in the key signature of D in Dorian mode with a modulation to A minor and runs at 85 bpm. The themes have a bit of folk sound to them.

It has been an interesting process for me to create this. Dorian does not have a natural chord progression like major or minor. You need to take care to maintain the Dorian mood which is minor like but with an extra twist. And you need to avoid a chord progression that points to C major and takes focus away from the key of D. I think I succeeded in doing that incl. an 8 measure modulation to A minor.

The piece has two melodic themes that alternates, an improvised guitar piece and a 3rd theme during the A minor modulation.

It is a piece that works best with the volume turned up a little bit to hear the details in the sounds. Even through it is Dorian mode music the themes are easy listening.

Genre: Pop
Artists: Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Kenneth Lavrsen
Published: 24 Jan 2012

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