Music - Two Hearts

Two Hearts

Stan sent me this beautiful song as a guitar track and a vocal track. His performance was so great that I decided to keep these tracks as final tracks and just add a simple arrangement of bass, soft drums, and accordion.

A very romantic and mature song. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Music and lyrics: Stan Loh
Vocal and guitar: Stan Loh
Accordion, bass, and drums: Kenneth Lavrsen
Arrangement and mix: Kenneth Lavrsen

Genre: Pop
Artists: Stan Loh and Kenneth Lavrsen
Composer: Stan Loh
Lyrics: Stan Loh
Published: 21 Jan 2014
Copyright: 2014


Two Hearts
(C) 2014 - Stan Loh

There are two hearts on a shelf,
Sitting silent way past twelve,
Holding hands,
Heated passion deep within,
Oozing warm adrenalin,
Seals romance.
Don't need words to say what love is,
Hidden messages deep in bliss,
There's a common bond,
That soon climbs on,
To new highs!

Now the moon begins to glow,
And the moments they explode,
Hearts unwind.
Soon the kisses keep in pace,
And the make-up spoils her face,
She don't mind!
The thrill of love overcomes all,
Off with skirt and tangled shawl,
There is unity,
And there is bliss,
In the sky.

They move the sun,
In pink and red and blue upon the whole horizon,
Phenomenon in unison,
They move the sun,
In pink and red and blue upon the whole horizon,
Phenomenon in unison.

Oh those two hearts satisfy,
Raw emotions undenied,
Love repeats.
Next a home upon a hill,
White picket fence around the thrill,
Of little feet,
When there’s love the days are shorter,
Any pain flows away like water,
Ain’t so hard to take,
As do mistakes,
Forgiving skies.

(Repeat Chorus)

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