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Open2300 is published under the GNU Public License version 2 or later.

skip the current version 1.10 verion files and go to the Subversion (SVN) files link just below this one and get the SVN 1.11 files...

Current version is 1.10


The source files through 2009 are available on Subversion (SVN). These files are where most users should start.

Patches not in Subversion

There are a couple patches not yet in Subversion

Precompiled Packages (with the above 2 patches included)

The openSUSE Build Service builds rpm and debian packages for several distributions. For open2300 they are all based on the March 2009 SVN code.

Please look there to see what is available:

In addition to the binaries being placed in /usr/bin, the precompiled packages will place a vanilla copy of open2300.conf in /etc. You may need to edit it after installing.

They will also place the documentation in the appropriate doc directory. For openSUSE that is /usr/share/doc/packages/open2300.

You can review the docs as you get open2300 working for you.

You can also find a weathergraphs package for the same distros on the openSUSE Build Service.

These packages install the php modules to /var/www/html/weathergraphs or /srv/www/htdocs/weathergraphs depending on your distro.

This may not be appropriate for your distro, so you need to ensure they end up in the right place.

The basics docs are installed to the appropriate doc directory. For openSUSE that is /usr/share/doc/packages/weathergraphs.

You will still need to setup a cron entry and to develop your actual viewable webpage.
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