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BUG: Image is always black

Camera (Logitech Communicate STX) is working with Camorama, but motion shows a black picture

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# Minimal motion example config file provided by the
# Debian motion package - for basic webcam operation.
# You most certainly want to investigate
# /usr/share/doc/motion/examples/motion-dist.conf.gz
# for further configuration options. Also, refer to the
# motion man page and /usr/share/doc/motion/motion_guide.html
# for detailed information on configuration options.

daemon off
quiet on
setup_mode off

# You may very well need to change this (check with 'dmesg'
# after plugging in your webcam)
videodevice /dev/video0

# Image size in pixels (valid range is camera dependent)
width 640
height 480

framerate 25
quality 85
auto_brightness off

# Initial brightness, contrast, hue (NTSC), and saturation
# 0 = disabled (valid range 0-255)
brightness 0
contrast 0
saturation 0
hue 0

# Encode movies in real-time (install ffmpeg before enabling)
ffmpeg_cap_new on

# Codec to be used by ffmpeg for the video compression.
# Supported formats: mpeg4, msmpeg4.
ffmpeg_video_codec msmpeg4

# Target base directory for pictures and films
# You should probably change this (create dir beforehand)
target_dir /tmp

# Define a port number (e.g. 8000) to enable the mini-http server
# 0 = disabled
webcam_port 8000

# Set to 'off' to allow anybody (not just localhost) to view the
# webcam via the mini-http server (http://hostname:port)
webcam_localhost off

webcam_quality 50
webcam_maxrate 8

# TCP/IP port for the http server to listen on (default: 0 = disabled)
control_port 8081

# Restrict control connections to localhost only (default: on)
control_localhost on

# Output for http server, select off to choose raw text plain (default: on)
control_html_output on

# Authentication for the http based control. Syntax username:password
# Default: not defined (Disabled)
; control_authentication username:password


Motion version: Version: 3.2.6-0.ubuntu.dapper
ffmpeg version: 3:0.cvs20050918-5ubuntu1
Shared libraries: ffmpeg
Server OS: ubuntu 6.06, kernel 1.6.15

-- KonradRiedel - 04 Jul 2006

Follow up

Please upgrade to 3.2.6 , and set in motion.conf setup_mode off.

I'll upload a deb package for ubuntu dapper soon .


-- AngelCarpintero - 05 Jul 2006

Follow up

Already released :


-- AngelCarpintero - 05 Jul 2006

Follow up

Thanks. Done. No change. Same bug frown, sad smile -- KonradRiedel - 05 Jul 2006

Follow up

I don't see : setup_mode off

in you motion.conf , maybe is that your problem.

-- AngelCarpintero - 09 Jul 2006

Follow up

Done setup_mode off. No change. Same bug frown, sad smile -- KonradRiedel - 17 Jul 2006

Fix record

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