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BUG: Help in control interface missplaced

Just made a upgrade from v.3.2.8 to v. / 3.2.11 i found out all the help text you have putting in the control interface has broken a lot things here.

I have a lot of scripts doing a strip_tag and counting on the last in the the output is the result from a query, but no longer!

Cant even just set html output to off becaurse that give me a unnessesary 'Done'

I'm posting this as an bug as i see the help link/text misplaced beeing on the query page, it would be of better use on the set page, in other words it's better to get help before changing anything than when you would query the result of your change. wink

Best Regards /Klaus


Motion version: 3.2.11
ffmpeg version: Any
Shared libraries: ffmpeg, mysql
Server OS: Fedora Core 10 / 11, kernel 2.6.27
-- TheOtherBug - 24 Jun 2009

Follow up

- Personally, I can confirm the following facts : I have installed Motion v. 3.2.11 from source files and the http interface located at http://localhost:8080/ is looking and is working O.K...

- I don't know your style of source code management, or if you're just experimenting with motion. You might find it best to keep a work-in-progress motion directory separate from a known-good set of motion source files - if you are keen to keep a working version available at all times. (I do this since my installation is running motion 24/7). Then you may not mind that your motion source files don't compile to a working object for a few days while you debug.

-- FlorinAnton - 28 Jun 2009

Hi Klaus,

First probably that's not the best place to submit your request ... as i don't see any BUG , this help text was a requested feature and it was implemented smile

In set option page 'help text' is set before in each option and not after as you said , i.ex

In set page where dropbox is used 'help text' is no set either before nor after ...

i'm sorry this feature broke your scripts , but was a time before this feature was released .. with a call for testing release candidate and nobody complained ...

of couse this "bug" can be fixed ... but then maybe other guy will open another bug because the current feature implemtened has been broken to fix your request.

So better open a talk in mailing list before change any current not buggy feature smile

-- AngelCarpintero - 08 Jul 2009
I still think the help would be of better use before getting/setting anything (on the dragdown pages) than it is when getting the result.

But then i'll go for a feature request. smile


Fix record

Good as i don't think that was a bug at all smile

-- AngelCarpintero - 20 Jul 2009

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